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The Best Retinol for Sensitive Skin in the Summer

Having sensitive skin can be even more difficult in the summer months. With more time outdoors, beach trips, and summertime activities, your skin can be more irritated. This can make life even harder if you have sensitive skin. If you are trying to find skin care products that support your skin without causing it to be irritated, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Read on to find out about the best retinol for summer sensitive skin as well as tips for protecting your sensitive skin this summer.

The Best Retinol for Summer Sensitive Skin

What is Retinol?

If you go to a dermatologist they might give you a prescription for retinol in the form of Tretinoin. Tretinoin is an active and potent form of topical vitamin A. Retinol is also an active form of vitamin A. Retinol does not require a doctor’s prescription because the concentration is less than 1%. This is considered one of the most effective treatments to potentially reverse the effects of some damage to the skin.

Prescription-strength retinol can be irritating to the skin. This means that people with skin sensitivity might be less inclined to use retinol. While this may be true of prescription-strength retinol, this is not the case with some non-prescription retinoids. Non-prescription retinoids tend to be less irritating for most skin types including those with sensitive skin. When using retinoids at a high enough concentration regularly they can be just as effective without the skin irritation of prescription products.

What Does Retinol Do?

Retinol is said to help eliminate and reduce signs of aging, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin texture. This can sound incredibly appealing as we all want to take the best care we can of our skin. Rather than removing dead skin cells, the molecules that make up retinol go deep into the skin. In the middle layer of the skin, retinol helps neutralize free radicals to boost the production of elastin and collagen. This creates a plumping effect that reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Retinol on its own can be difficult for sensitive skin. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Nia Terezakis spent time finding the optimal use of retinol for patients. Dr. T discovered Advanced Skin Technology’s Green Cream®! The secret was not just the potent form of retinol in the highest concentration you can get without a prescription, but also the green polymer cooling gel delivery system. The green polymer cooling gel delivery system or Green Cream® was found to provide minimal irritation to the skin and has the following benefits:

  • Stimulates exfoliation by accelerating skin cell turnover.
  • Repairs cellular structure damage gradually.
  • Helps shrink oil glands which in turn shrinks pore size.
  • Builds an infrastructure by stimulating new collagen and a new plumper epidermis.

Which Level of Green Cream® is Best for Sensitive Skin?

When looking at Green Cream® as a potential skincare solution you may notice there are different levels available. Level 3 Green Cream® is the ideal level for those who have sensitive skin. It makes an excellent alternative to daily moisturizer and provides the hydration benefits of retinol. If you have never used a retinoid, you should test it on a small area of your face and wait 24 hours to see how your skin reacts. This will give you an initial check to make sure your sensitive skin can tolerate the Green Cream®.

If you have no reaction to the Green Cream® as part of your 24-hour test, you can then apply the cream to your face once a week for two to three weeks. Next, apply Green Cream® three times a week for one week. Ultimately, your goal should be to work up to applying Green Cream® every night. Be patient with your skin as it adapts to retinol treatment. Even with less frequent applications and using this process, you should see some results.

What Else Can You Do to Support Sensitive Skin this Summer?

Adding a quality retinol cream to your routine is a huge starting point for your skin. It is sure to help with a variety of issues and support your overall skin health. With the summer months comes harsher weather and a new variety of skin issues. Taking the time to support your skin in the right ways this summer can be a game-changer. Here are a few ways to support your skin this summer:

  • Start with Green Cream® - Green Cream® is a great starting point for your skin. This will be able to work up to a nightly routine that could replace less skin-friendly cleaners. It will also support your skin during the summer months. Pick a level 3 Green Cream® to get started and watch as your skin starts to show positive changes.
  • Turn down the shower - Summer heat can be harsh on your skin. Turn down the shower temperature. The cooler water can be soothing to the skin. Warmer water can strip vital oils from your skin and leave sensitive skin irritated.
  • Choose a hydrating lotion - The only way to truly lubricate your skin and hold moisture in is by choosing a quality lotion that locks in the actual water next to your skin. Aqualant® does just this. Apply after showering while your skin is still wet, and Aqualant® will create a barrier, sealing the water in.
  • Use a quality sunscreen - Skin protection is vital in the summer. Sun damage can become a big issue in the summer months. Use quality sunscreen to protect your skin while you are out and about. This will minimize the sun damage your skin experiences.
  • Avoid overdoing it on skin products - There are a multitude of products on the market that promise they will help sensitive skin. Overusing a large variety of products can work against your skin. It is better to find a simple skincare routine that will support your skin through the summer months and stick with it.
  • Avoid peak sun times - There are times of the day when the sun is harsher. Even with proper skin care, it can help to avoid being in direct sunlight during these times of the day. Instead, opt for the shade or indoor activity. This will help your skin to avoid being damaged by the harsher sun rays of the day.