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Advanced Skin Technology relocated from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and eventually found its way to the mountains of Western North Carolina. We have recently expanded to a 5,000 square-foot facility right outside Asheville, NC, as our operation continues to grow. We love to hear from our customers and potential partners. Feel free to contact us in the most convenient mode for you below.

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All Face Products are Not Created Equal-- How to Be Sure You Are Getting Your Money’s Worth

Making the choice for your skincare can get a bit overwhelming. There are so many products on the market that promise to change your skin for the better. In fact, it’s a billion-dollar industry focused on helping improve your skin. Not all skincare products are created equally or with the same standards. We have a few tips to pick the right skincare products.

Tips to Pick the Right Skincare Products

It is important that you speak with your dermatologist or a skincare specialist if you have any skin conditions before starting a skincare routine. Safety is incredibly important when choosing any skincare product. Because of the ingredients in some products, there are some that can work against certain skin conditions. Be sure to do some research before starting a skincare routine.

Look at who created the product

With a boom in the skincare and beauty markets, many new companies have started. These companies promise quality skincare but not all companies are created equal. When picking out skincare products for yourself, you want to look at who is behind the product. Having an understanding of their expertise can help you to feel safe when picking out new products. Here are a few questions to ask about your skincare.

  • Does the company employ licensed skincare professionals? - Taking the time to become licensed means that you have spent a good amount of time learning about skin and how to properly care for it. When picking out a skin product you want to choose a brand that has licensed professionals involved in the process.
Here at Advanced Skin Technologies, we are guided by founder and Green Cream® inventor Dr. Nia Terezakis, a board-certified and trusted dermatologist.


  • How long have they been in business? - While new companies aren’t a bad thing, there’s something to be said for companies with years of experience looking out for the health of your skin. Look to companies with years of experience in the skincare field who have been successfully helping people.

We’re proud to have been helping people achieve better skin for nearly 20 years now.

  • Do they stand behind the science? - When choosing a product for your skin it is important to make sure that the company you are buying from understands the science of proper and safe skincare. Work to find companies with years of quality scientific studies into the efficacy of their products.

We have a money-back guarantee on our products and, more importantly, we manufacture our skincare line ourselves here in the USA.

Look at the product lines

Another way to decide if a skincare company is to look at their product lines. With a variety of products on the market, it can be helpful to take a closer look at each brand and what they offer. Taking some time to look more in-depth into what they offer, can help you to make a decision. It can also help you to decide if they line up with how you approach skincare. Here are a few things to consider when looking at product lines.

  • Do they try to do it all? - Some skincare companies will try to do it all. This can be because of being around for a long time. However, this can also mean that they are not giving 100% to each of their product lines and making sure they are the best they can be. It can be better to work with a skincare company that has a few high-quality products over a large selection of lower-quality products. Fewer products can mean that a company spends a great deal of time perfecting those products for you.

We are proud to focus on specific skin conditions, those most commonly experienced. By limiting our scope, we offer solutions that work.

  • Does their website give you detailed information about each product? - When choosing skin care products it can help to look at active ingredients, how it is used, and what skin types the product is best for before purchasing. When choosing products for yourself, look for companies that will give you a quality explanation of the product before you purchase.

We want our customers to be fully educated when choosing our products, so we take time to educate you on each skincare item, why you need it, and how it works.

Who else uses the skincare products?

When choosing a skincare product it can feel like you’re making a large investment. It can help to know the company is there to serve you and teach you about your skin in big ways and small ones. Spend some time looking at how they handle their customers and how they can serve you before making a purchase.

  • Do dermatologists recommend this skincare line? -Lots of brands claim to be recommended by dermatologists without any real specifics. There’s a huge difference between a dermatologist saying a product will do no harm and a dermatologist actually selling a product in their own office.

Advanced Skin Technologies started out by being sold in dermatology offices. Our Green Cream® was so effective that other doctors were excited to present it to their patients.

  • Do they have repeat customers? -It’s fairly easy for companies to have a lot of first time customers, but what about loyal customers who use their products for years and still rave about the results?

We have been servicing some of the same clients for nearly two decades now, and we’re thrilled to be their go-to for healthy skin they can be confident in.

With a little bit of research on a skincare line, you can find out all you need to know as to whether you should trust your skin with it or not. All skincare products are not created the same, so be choosy with how you protect your body’s largest organ.